Why Choose to Outsource QA?

Software development companies are choosing to outsource their QA needs to dedicated QA companies at an increasing rate. We look at the key benefits and reasons how this service is used and explain the benefits.

Expert Testers

While many in-house software testers are very experienced. A typical QA team will comprise of a varying degree of QA expertise. Often a QA team would include a combination of senior and junior level testers. While this may suit some software developments, most project stakeholders want to ensure the testers involved with a project are all experienced testers with a high degree of knowledge. This is not always an option with in-house QA teams, as often the resources are simply not available. With an outsourced QA team, the testers are typically all senior or expert level, and are ALWAYS available. Their skills and knowledge would have been gained over a vast range of diverse QA projects making them extremely versatile and able to ramp-up on new projects quickly, ensuring their immediate effectiveness.


Virtually all software development projects will have a budget. This budget comes under risk when delays occur in the project life-cycle. Delays are commonplace in any software project, but the trouble is; in-house software testers still need to be paid regardless of whether or not the software is ready for testing. It’s not just delays that impact the project’s QA budget, in-house testers need to be paid for vacation and sick days too. This is where outsourced QA companies really shine. Most reputable outsourced QA companies only charge their hourly rate for when they are “actually” testing. If the project suffers a delay, you can simply re-schedule the QA for a later date. Some projects have a need to know the entire QA cost before the software development is even started. Outsourced QA companies can provide either a competitive hourly rate, or a fixed-cost for the project’s entire QA.


A good outsourced QA company will not only provide ongoing advice on the best approach and methodologies on how to provide effective QA, but they can swiftly adapt to changes within the project’s life-cycle. For example; there may be stages in the development that require only one tester, there may be other times when a large QA team is required. Outsourced QA companies can easily re-size to match the project’s resource requirement or budget without any hassle or adverse financial impact.


Having an entire QA team at their disposal, that is available at a moments notice can be a huge asset to any software company. By eliminating the ongoing cost of full-time QA personnel by choosing to outsource can save a great deal of money and significantly reduce the risk on virtually all software developments. It’s easy to see why so many companies are choosing to outsource, and this trend shows no sign of slowing.

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