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The QA team at Testing4Success have now completed their trials of a new system that dramatically increases their capacity for web-based testing. This new state-of-the-art system can setup and configure one of over two hundred operating system and browser combinations within seconds. The new system is now live and already proving a hit with our QA Team and clients!

Testing web-based developments typically aims to ensure cross-browser compatibility on all the latest versions of the most popular browsers. This reduces the risk of the end user seeing any issues with the website to quite a large extent. However, not all end users keep their browser up-to-date with the latest version available. This presents a further risk if not adequately tested.

In the past, testers were restricted to performing their web tests on the latest browser versions due to the overhead of creating additional systems to install previous browser versions. With this new Web QA System, a tester can take virtually any operating system/browser combination imaginable and have it ready for testing in just a few seconds. This now means that test plans can incorporate a wide-range of browser tests, virtually eliminating the risk of the end user seeing an issue on an older browser version.