Mobile App Testing Professional E-learning Course & Certification

Due to the world-wide success of our Mobile App Testing Associate (MATA) certification. Testing4Success are proud to announce the release of the Mobile App Testing Professional (MATP) certification. This new Mobile App Testing Professional (MATP) certification now gives mobile app testers the opportunity to learn advanced mobile app testing techniques and gain valuable experience, and in addition gain the Mobile App Testing Professional (MATP) certification. is now recognized as the ‘industry-standard’ in mobile app testing certifications. The key to this success is utilizing expert trainers in the field of software testing working closely with real Expert Mobile App Testers. This produces training material that is incredibly effective and is ensuring the testers of today and tomorrow have the testing skills they need to ensure mobile apps are the best that they can be.

The MATP training course itself is an e-learning course, but cleverly provides ‘hands-on’ training that is monitored by a personal training tutor. The training course includes a series of interactive mobile app testing projects. The tutor is always ‘on-hand’ to provide constructive feedback and guidance throughout each project. After completing the training course, the student will be awarded the Mobile App Testing Professional (MATP) certification.