USA ASTQB ISTQB Multi-User License for e-learning Training

Many companies are electing to train their software testers via e-learning / distance-learning and saving a huge amount of money by using a multi-user (or company-wide) training license. There are several reasons why training to achieve ASTQB ISTQB certifications should adopt this approach.

The first reason is cost. In times such as these, it is imperative that companies train their testers in the most cost-effective way. The traditional classroom-led training is incredibly expensive in comparison to e-learning. Each individual must be paid for, which is often a considerably large sum of money. But, this is not the only cost, as the company has to also let the individual attend the training course. This will result in paid time away from work, where they could have been contributing to the development of a product. By choosing a multi-user (or company-wide) training license, a company has a one-off payment that will allow them to train their entire company in training such as ASTQB ISTQB Foundation, ASTQB ISTQB Advanced or even the new MATA (Mobile App Testing Associate).

The second major benefit to using a multi-user (or company-wide) training license is the incredible flexibility. The training can be done at any time of the day from anywhere. Typically the license provided will mean you will have the full course content to host on your own server, or simply hand-out to the individual testers of your company. This allows the testers to study at home or even traveling to work, which in effect reduces the time missed from actual work. Many companies will purchase a license to allow a tester to complete ASTQB ISTQB Foundation, ASTQB ISTQB Advanced or MATA certifications as one of their objectives for the year. This takes the burden of training entirely from the company.

If you are serious about ASTQB ISTQB training this year, and want the most simplest, time-saving and cost-effective way to do it, then look no further than the extensive Testing4Success Training Catalog today. Their training team is on-hand to answer any questions you have about e-learning or multi-user licenses.