Three Reasons To Outsource Your Software Testing

There are three factors to consider regarding outsourcing software testing (QA), and these are Cost, Skills and Simplicity.

The Cost Factor

A Good Outsourced Software Testing Company should have a standard hourly rate for their software testing service. This rate should be comparable to that of a decent contract software tester. The beauty of outsourcing is that if (like most small to medium sized companies) your requirement for QA is varying and erratic, then with outsourcing; you only pay for when the testing actually occurs. You don’t pay for when your development is delayed…..yes, sometimes software developments get delayed 🙂

If you wanted software testers in-house; you would either have to pay for full-time staff or contractors. Either of these options will significantly impact your development budget if you don’t actually have a need for QA every day of the year.

The Skills Factor

Many small to medium sized companies do not have the necessary skill-sets to adequately perform software testing to an acceptable standard, let alone ensure the success of the software product. Outsourcing to a good outsourced software testing company will yield a consistent level of high software testing standards.

The Simplicity Factor

The best outsourced software testing companies will also provide you with a ‘built-in’ test management service for no extra charge. This effectively means that they will provide you with free advice, and some may even provide an initial Free High-Level Test Plan. QA can be a major headache to organize, and so outsourcing avoids the often complicated QA process, as it will be handled by someone else. So all your company needs to do is get the software to a testable state, and they will do the rest.

If you are thinking of outsourcing……think Testing4Success!