The No.1 Mobile App Testing Service

There are three important factors to consider when it comes to mobile app testing; and those are Functionality, Usability and Compatibility.

Functional Mobile App Testing

Your app will only be a success if the app actually ‘does what it was designed to do’. This top priority test will involve strategically working through the screens of the mobile app to ensure all present components operate as expected. There are a variety of traditional software testing techniques that can be applied to mobile apps, as well as a range of mobile-specific techniques and approaches.

Mobile App Compatibility Testing

A mobile app must be consistent with the way it looks and functions across the devices it was intended to work on. Your mobile app development could potentially be seen on any number of supported devices. So at minimum, the apps basic functionality must function correctly on all of them.

Mobile App Usability Testing

Any mobile app must provide a positive experience for the user. By replicating various user-types; a mobile app tester can quite effectively put themselves in the position of many users, and when combined with their own testing intuition and experience, they can easily ensure a mobile app’s effectiveness with regards to usability.

When Functionality, Usability and Compatibility are important to the success of your mobile app development, then consider