Outsourced Mobile App Testing Services

mobile app testing service

Ensuring the choose the right outsourced mobile app testing company is paramount to the success of your mobile project. There are several factors that must be considered to help make the right choice, some of which we have outlined below:

Real Devices?

Make sure the mobile app testing company only tests on real devices. This is extremely important, as many QA companies will show on their websites, a range of real devices. But, later on, you find out in the small print that they mostly use simulators and emulators. In order to identify bugs that the end user will potentially see, then real devices ‘must’ be used, no question. Ask the QA company you are considering about the use of real devices.

Professional Mobile App Testers?

Many  companies will state that their testers are professional mobile app testers, but often this is not the case. You need professionals with actual knowledge and expertise in the field of mobile app testing. While a portion of testing methodologies and approaches can be ported over from other testing disciplines, there are whole bunch of tests that can only be done (with any degree of success) by a professional mobile app tester. A general tester, can not pick up an iPhone and start testing an app. A steep learning curve is involved, and you need to be sure the outsourced mobile app testing service you use only has testers with hands-on expertise.