Free Questions for ISTQB Exams

istqb free questionsAs creators of some the worlds leading QA certification products, we are often asked; “why should we pay for ISTQB exam questions, when we can simply search for them on the internet?”. The reason is simple if you really want to pass the exam, and pass it first time. Let’s take the ISTQB Advanced exams for example. Last year, the ISTQB updated its syllabus for all three of the advanced certifications, the Test Manager, The Test Analyst, and the Technical Test Analyst. While most recognized ISTQB training companies updated their training courses and exam question sets, many did not. So, how many of the free exam questions you can find on the internet were updated to reflect the new exams do you think? that’s right, pretty much none of them.

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One of the  biggest mistakes an exam candidate can make is attempting to prepare for the exam by downloading free training material from the internet. Nine times out of ten, this material will be out of date. If you take this approach, on the exam day your head will be filled with out-of-date information. When you see the exam questions appear in front of you, you will be in for a nasty shock, and you will be faced with probable failure.

Many top ISTQB training companies will provide you with free ISTQB sample questions for the ISTQB Foundation, ISTQB Agile Tester and for the Advanced. If you like them, you can simply choose to purchase more from the training company. If you don’t like them, you don’t have to buy them right? at least by using a recognized training company then you can assured that you will using the latest training material.

To summarize, be prepared to pay a few dollars/pounds to prepare for your exam. It will be worth it when sit the real exam, so don’t waste your time absorbing a bunch of out-of-date information. The cost of the exam is quite expensive, and so you don’t want to have to fail the exam and then waste even more time studying again, and then having to pay to take the exam again. It sounds simple, but do it right the first time!