Mobile App Testing Certification and Training

With the recent boom in all things mobile related, it comes as no surprise that there is a huge demand for mobile app software testers. The market is flooded with literally millions of mobile apps, and are they all high in quality? definitely not. That is why experts in the filed have come up with the definitive mobile app testing certification.

The Mobile App Testing Associate (MATA) is the starting point for any software tester who is intending to test mobile apps. This certification is not only going to provide you with knowledge about mobile app testing, but is also is going to provide you with real ‘hands-on’ testing of mobile apps. So where do I go for this training? I hear you ask. Well, the answer is nowhere!

The Mobile App Testing Associate (MATA) certification and training can be done via self-study. The revolutionary training method utilizes a variety of training techniques to ensure a thorugh and enjoyable training experience. Also included are hands-on workshops with real apps. In addition, a tutor is provided to provide you with ongoing support!

Full details of the Mobile App Testing Associate (MATA) training course are available at the Testing4Success Training Page.