Certification For Mobile App Testing

Mobile app testing is a relativity new concept in the overall field of professional software testing. So, how can a tester show to prospective employers that they can test a mobile app. Most software testers will hold the ISTQB certification at least to a foundation level. While this certification is perfectly adequate, it only covers basic principles in software testing and does not require any knowledge in applying those principles in real-word testing scenarios.

So, today, a tester who wishes to demonstrate proficiency in mobile testing, must either show experience or certifications. Experience could be a list of mobile apps that they have tested, or perhaps a reference from an employer for example. But, certification-wise, these are few and far between. One mobile app certification does stand-out from the rest, and that is the Mobile App Testing Associate certification (MATA).

This highly sought after certification can be studied for and achieved entirely online, which is a major plus for anyone wishing to achieve testing certifications. In addition, real-world experience is gained during the study by participating in hands-on study workshops which allow you to demonstrate the new skills learned by testing on real mobile apps and submitting defects online. Throughout this training course, the student also has the benefit of having their own personal training tutor who is available to answer any questions during the training. At the end of the training, a certificate is issued which can be shown to future employers demonstrating your mobile app testing knowledge and experience.