Offshore Web Testing Service – Offshore Web Testing Service: Many companies are now looking to outsourced their web QA requirements. They are doing this for several reasons. Once reason is the cost. While at first an offshore web testing company’s hourly rate may seem initially high, actually, the cost is significantly lower than permanent or contract staff. This is because with an offshore web testing company, you are only paying for the actual hours tested. You are not paying 37.5 hours to keep someone busy for the whole week, you are simply paying for the actual testing time. This could be 4 hours or 20 hours, it relates to how much QA work there is. Now if you consider a permanent member of staff, you have to pay them a yearly salary. But, rarely can a company predict how much QA work will be needed that year, so there may be times when it is a struggle to keep them fully utilized. Now add on sick pay, vacation and training, and you have what is effectively an over-priced QA service.

Its the same with contractors, you have to provide a 3 month or 6 month contract and pay someone a high hourly rate. Again, you cannot exactly predict how much QA work will be required. There will definitely be times during that period of time when the contractor will not be fully utilized.

If you outsourced your QA to an Offshore Web QA Service company then you will not have any of the cost issues mentioned above. If there are quiet times in the project, then you don’t pay, its as simple as that!