Mobile App Testing Training

Mobile App QA Training Course

Mobile App Testing Training

When looking for an effective mobile app testing training course, the majority of people look for a distance-learning training solution. This article will detail the key factors that you should be aware of before purchasing a mobile app QA training course.

Is there a course tutor?

When considering a mobile app testing distance-learning training course, tutor support is not an immediate consideration. But, it should play a part in your decision to purchase a training course, as there will undoubtedly become a point in your training that you would like to raise your hand and ask a question. Many distance-learning training solutions do not offer this kind of feature, so its well worth ensuring you have this option included in your chosen course.

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Does the training course include screen-shots?

Many people find themselves reading pages of text only realizing afterwards that they have not taken in any of the information they have just read. This is typically down to the way that different people learn, and so you need to ensure you understand what works best for you. Check that with any training, that its not just pages of text, and that images, diagrams and ideally screen-shots are included too.

Are there interactive workshops?

While a certain amount of information can be shared and absorbed by text and images, there is no better way to understand something than to actually do it. With mobile app testing training, once the key principles have been learned, you will want to put them to practice and test them out. In addition, you want to make sure that any interactive workshop includes feedback, so you can ensure you have ‘really’ learned the material.

Is this training course cost-effective?

While a classroom-based mobile app training course will typically cost significantly more than a mobile app testing distance-learning training course, the quality should not be different. OK, you will be using your own time and location, but that’s about the only difference, as the quality of the material being taught/learned should be equal. Ask for a description or list of what is actually included in the training course on offer so you can compare against instructor-led courses.

Is it portable?

In today’s smartphone-driven world of communication, it is a significant benefit if you could study while using your smartphone right? well, some mobile app testing training course do have this feature. This is great news for those people who do not have days on end to spare, as they can now study virtually anywhere and at any time.

Do I get a certificate?

Unfortunately, as the field of mobile app testing is quite new, there are no recognized certifications available. But, you should make sure that there is some kind of course certificate available, as you will want some kind of record to show that you have taken and completed the training course on offer.