Mobile App QA Training

Mobile App QA Training via e-learning – As any software tester knows; mobile apps are the fastest growing form of  software development in history. The QA world is currently playing catch-up, trying to fill the vast amount of mobile app QA jobs available at the moment. In order to successfully secure one of these jobs, a mobile app tester has to prove he/she has the ability to test mobile apps.

The most effective method of showing an employer that you can actually do the job is to show them that you are certified. Now you can do this with the industry-leading mobile app QA certification called MATA. MATA represents Mobile App Testing Associate and can be obtained by completing the Mobile App Testing Associate e-learning Course from

This course will dramatically increase your knowledge of mobile app QA as it includes an in-depth training course, interactive workshops on real mobile devices, plus it has ongoing personal tutor support. Stand-out from the crowd and get certified now!