How to get free training for ISTQB exams

For anyone studying for the ISTQB Foundation (CTFL) or ISTQB Advanced exams, there exists a huge range of training options. These training options include classroom-led, e-learning or simply teaching yourself. By scouring the internet, it is possible to find free ISTQB training. However, this training is normally free for a reason (i.e. it’s probably out-of-date and very poor in quality). With Free ISTQB training, you have no guarantee of what you are being taught is actually correct, and more importantly if it will actually be in the exam.

It is understandable that people search for free ISTQB training, as not everyone has the luxury of having the money to invest in paid training. However, a good ISTQB Training Provider should be able to provide you with some level of free ISTQB training in the form of free demos, free samples, free exam questions etc.

So, be wary of free training you find on the internet. But, do contact training companies and ask for free samples or even better, ask for a discount on their ISTQB Training Products.