What Happened to the ISEB?

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Late last year the BCS dropped it’s ISEB acronym from its website. Not only that, the ISTQB dropped the name ISEB from it’s website and replaced BCS with UKTB!

For anyone thinking about gaining ISTQB accreditation in the UK, it makes sense to fully understand these acronyms and there context in the field of QA certifications.

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The first acronym we should understand is ‘BCS’. Now the BCS (British Computer Society) control the ISEB (Information Systems Examination Board), many testers in the UK will be familiar with this acronym as it was up until recently the predominant term for UK QA accreditation. So, up until recently in the UK a tester could go and sit the ISEB Foundation certification. If they passed the exam they would not only receive a BCS/ISEB certificate, they would also receive a certificate from the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board).

Now, the BCS/ISEB actually use the ISTQB syllabus for their Foundation and Advanced certifications. This is why a tester would receive two certificates upon passing their exam.

Currently, the ISTQB recognizes the UKTB (UK Testing Board) as its official representative within the UK instead if the BCS/ISEB. So, what we have now in the UK is two paths to take to achieve what is actually the same set of certifications. A tester can take the UKTB Foundation and Advanced exams, or the BCS Foundation and Advanced exams. Both paths lead to the same outcome, which is achieving  the globally recognized ISTQB QA certifications!

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