A popular mistake that people make when studying for the ISTQB Foundation or ISTQB Advanced exam is to search the internet looking for free ISTQB study guides, training or free exam questions. While the search will undoubtedly find such material, the quality of these free items is somewhat questionable. To start with, its virtually guaranteed that this ‘free’ material will be out-of-date, and not for the latest 21014 ISTQB Foundation or 2014 ISTQB Advanced. When exam day comes and you have been studying with out-of-date information, your exam experience will not be a positive one.

At Testing4Success, we have created the extremely popular range of self-study / e-learning training for the 2014 ISTQB certifications. A lot of work has gone into the creation of these training courses, and also ensuring they are kept up-to-date to reflect the latest ISTQB requirements. In addition our training courses come with a personal training tutor, who is there to guide you through the training and answer any questions. This kind of complete professional training course is not free, but is instead, competitively priced to allow anyone to use them and achieve their certification goal.

The person choosing to achieve ISTQB certification in 2014 has to weigh-up the cost and the advantage of free training over a Professional ISTQB Training Course. By asking basic questions like “am I studying with the correct training material?” an informed decision can be made. Being confident enough to book an exam is one thing, but having the confidence backed up with knowing you have studied with the 2014 training material, will boost your confidence and ultimately lead to a successful exam and achieving the end goal of actual ISTQB certification.