Choosing an Outsourced Mobile App Testing Company

As the field of software engineering grows, new domains are explored. One of those domains is the mobile app testing domain. It is a hot area, and a lot of money has been invested in this particular domain for projects related to mobile apps. These topics include iphone, blackberry, android and symbian applications.

The mobile app domain has been expanding for quite some time now. Ever since the mobile platform got some stability, people have been keen to use mobile applications, ranging from everyday apps to business/highly complicated applications. We see more and more projects being made just for the mobile apps domain, as the customer requirements continue to increase.

Naturally, when a business concern wants to choose a mobile app testing company there are many things to consider; for one, is the company repute good enough? or have they employed qualified software test engineers to complete the projects?

It is a very common concern that the testing companies do not employ enough qualified software testers for their work, which results in issues/delays, which is annoying and a business loss to the other party. Also it is something of a presumption that testing is somewhat of a non-technical or less important domain than software development or software project management. This assumption is totally wrong; as software testing is just as important as software development or software project management, and in fact a software tester often has better domain knowledge than a software developer or even the project manager. Domain is something a business analyst is supposed to be experts with, and the software tester comes after that in terms of understanding of business rules/business flow. It is important and vital to put software testing as a priority when it comes to hiring good and competent staff.

When a business party has to make a choice in choosing a mobile app testing company, be it android based apps, iPhone apps, or tablet apps, the first thing is to make sure is that a third party has been chosen for app testing. If the party can hire staff on their own and train them in mobile app testing that would be more cost-effective for them. Also, it would save them the overhead of communications. If it is not feasible or possible either due to time limitation or technical knowledge, then there has to be a choice made to choose an app testing company.

Many business parties rely on personal contacts, as it is safer to trust a party which is referred by a trustworthy person. Indeed, that would be safer and logical. Also, if the party can ensure good communication, they can have the project outsourced and done by a virtual team, that is less costly in terms of budget, though the communication can be rather tricky at times. It is a choice which the business party has to make, and the best approach will be to use personal contacts as it is more reliable. Also, to prefer mobile app testing companies which have istqb or iseb certified software test engineers.