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Take mobile app testing to the next level with this training course and certification. The MATP interactive e-learning training course builds on the app testing concepts from the MATA course in a workshop environment. The training will provide you with the 'hands-on' experience you need to become an Advanced Mobile App Tester. Testing4Success will provide you with the best value for money training and certification in the field of mobile app testing.


This 'hands-on' training package is presented as a series of interactive mobile app testing projects. A training tutor will be assigned to you, and will provide you with constructive feedback and guidance throughout each project. The aim of this package is to provide a tester with experience across a range of advanced mobile app testing areas.


This package is appropriate for experienced testers who are looking to boost their skills and experience to the next level of mobile app testing.


Although not a requirement, it is recommended that the candidate has completed the Mobile App Testing Associate level before attempting this training course.

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Learn at your own pace by using a variety of learning techniques. Study on a desktop computer, tablet or a smartphone.

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Our expert level training tutors are always on hand to provide assistance wherever it's needed, and just an email away.

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At the end of the training course, you will be given a personalized certificate as a record of your achievement.

training course contents

Mobile QA Planning

The key to any successful testing is in the planning. This 'hands-on' series will require the user to work through several mobile app testing assignments that will include the creation of mind-maps, test plans, high-level test cases and detailed test cases. All test documentation will be reviewed by the tutor and constructive feedback provided.

Mobile Test Execution

The 'Test Execution' series of assignments will allow the student to execute their own test cases on a range of real mobile apps. This phase will also include 'hands-on' experience with the all-important phase of recording mobile defects, including obtaining mobile device screen-shots and crash logs.

Mobile QA Reporting

Being able to present the mobile app test results to a specific target audience is an important aspect of a tester’s day-to-day activities. The report must include an accurate set of test case results and subsequent conclusions to establish the actual outcome of the testing. This project will require the student to create a test report from their own set of test results. With guidance from their tutor, they will be able to produce an insightful overview of the quality of the mobile app under test.

Mobile App Exploratory Testing

A Mobile App Tester will often be asked to test a mobile app without any supporting requirements. Being able to immediately test and identify issues effectively without knowing an app is an important skill for a Mobile App Tester to have. This project will provide 'hands-on' experience and guidance with approaches to exploratory testing and also performing the actual exploratory tests themselves.

Mobile App Usability Testing

In today's highly competitive mobile app marketplace, it is critical that usability is considered in the app's design and subsequent testing. If an app fails in the area of usability, a user will simply download a competitors app. Therefore, mastering the skill of identifying usability issues within a mobile app is a highly desirable asset for a Mobile App Tester to have. This series of projects will provide the student with valuable experience and knowledge to take forward in their mobile app testing career.

Testing Different App Types

A Mobile App Tester will come across a wide range of mobile apps in their career. Being able to identify the most effective testing approach to take is imperative. This series of testing projects will include mobile websites, mobile games and functional apps. Under the guidance of their tutor, the student will plan and test a variety of mobile developments and come away with an understanding of how to approach and effectively test them.

Process, Communication and Presentation

This series of projects will focus on ways a Mobile App Tester can improve process and communication and also create a presentation. The first of these projects will provide the student with experience in creating a process to increase effectiveness in a typical mobile app development. Another project in this series will focus on dealing with and resolving communications issues that can occur during testing of a mobile app. Being able to create a presentation that engages the audience is an extremely useful skill in a variety of testing environments. For this project, the student will be assigned a mobile app testing subject to research, and then to create a presentation for it.

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