Testing4Success Launches Enhanced Mobile App QA Service

One of the obstacles that software development companies face when developing mobile apps, is the ability to test their new apps on real devices. Ensuring an app works on a real device is a ‘no brainer’ from a QA point of view. A simulator is just not sufficient when you consider the risks of an app not working correctly in the hands of the end user. A simulator just cannot replicate the end-user environment and prevents associated key tests from being performed, such as; CPU, memory, network, interrupt, multi-tasking tests.

Up until now, most software development companies have had to make-do with a few real devices and selection of simulators to QA their app. This is an obvious risk in the ‘feedback-oriented’ mobile app marketplace. As soon as app is released it is open to feedback, and potential buyers will judge the app based on the feedback comments and associated rating. Negative feedback can kill an app right from the get-go, and so it is critical to the commercial success of the app to ensure it’s quality on a wide range of real devices.

At Testing4Success, we can provide effective mobile app QA on a massive range of real devices. To supplement our extensive range of iPhones, iPads, Windows Mobile and Android devices, we have teamed up with a third-party supplier to ensure our available range of devices includes not only a huge selection, but also includes the very latest devices on the market.

About Testing4Success:

Testing4Success.com is based in Victoria, B.C. and is one of the leading QA providers in Canada and the United States. We have the expertise to ensure your software development can be released with total confidence. Whether you are an independent developer or a large company, we will provide an effective QA solution that matches your budget. Our QA team has expertise in Web Testing, Desktop App Testing, Mobile App Testing and QA Training.