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AI Testing Service

Developing an AI-based system or incorporating it into a website or mobile app presents some unique challenges. The testing of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning systems requires a completely different approach due to their non-deterministic nature.

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Data Validation

Good AI solutions are built on good-quality data. Incorrectly labelled data, biased data, or inappropriate data variety can significantly impact the training of the AI model and cause incorrect outputs. Our QA team can methodically review the data sets and ensure clean and valid data is created.

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AI Model Training

Valuable insights and feedback to enable effective tuning of the AI algorithm via data modification and hyperparameter tuning. Our AI Testers will analyze the AI model’s prediction result based on a number of established AI metrics such as; Accuracy, Precision, Recall, Sensitivity, F1-Score etc.

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Functional/Non-functional Testing

A range of AI testing activities are available to ensure the end user's experience is positive. From testing the AI’s prediction performance and API testing, right through to the implemented product's all important functionality, compatibility, accessibility and usability.

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Data Labelling

Ensuring all test data is correctly labelled to ensure effective training data sets.

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A/B Testing

Comparing two versions of the AI system to identify the better performer.

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Functional Testing

Testing to ensure the functionality matches that specified in any requirements.

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Voice Testing

Ensuring voice commands are recognized and the expected action is performed.

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Usability testing

Making sure the intended overall end-user experience will be a positive one.

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Accessibility testing

Ensuring your AI product is accessible to everyone regardless of their abilities.

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NLP Testing

Testing an NLP system against functional and non-functional requirements.

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Test Case Design

Creating a detailed set of functional test cases that be reused at any stage of the development.

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Data Validation

Cleaning, transforming and augmenting to provide the best possible training data.

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Performance testing

Making sure the AI system performs as intended in prediction accuracy and speed.

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Targeted End-User Testing

Creation of AI input tests based on research as to what the targeted end-user may enter.

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Compatibility testing

Ensuring the AI implementation operates as intended on a variety of browsers & devices.

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