Performance Testing

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Performance testing

High traffic events can severely impact your website and your business!

We can simulate literally thousands of users from all over the world working through your site's features and functionality. Let the Testing4Success QA Team assist you in identifying any performance-related issues, ensuring all users have a flawless customer experience.

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Performance Test Design

The Testing4Success QA team will work with you to ascertain what you need the simulated users to do on the website during the performance evaluation. We then get to work and create a test script/s for you.

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Performance Test Execution

We prepare the test environment with the test script and any required datasets. We then setup the scenario including global locations, number of users and durations etc. The performance test is then executed.

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Performance Test Reporting

Once the performance test has completed, we will provide you with a sharable detailed online report. The report includes an incredibile amount of detailed information relating to all aspects of the performance test.

Performance testing highlights

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Early Defect Detection

Our flexibile approach allows a test to be executed at any time during the product's lifecyle, providing the opportunity to detect performance-related issues much earlier.

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Detailed Reporting

A sharable detailed report is provided immediately after any test run. Each indiviudal report contains a wealth of useful information in an easy-to-understand format.

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Verify Requirements

Many web developments have strict performance requirements. Our service can provide confidence that the acceptance criteria have been met prior to launch.

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Global User Locations

The tool we use simulates users from 24 unique global locations. Each location allows up to 2000 simulated users giving an incredible amount of testing capacity.

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Customizable Scenarios

Our talented QA Team can create scripts to simulate anything you need for example; logins, form submissions, navigation and any other interactive website elements.

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Defect Isolation

Through ongoing communication and close collaboration, our QA Team will assist you in isolating any website functionality that may be impacting the operation of your web pages.

Performance testing FAq'S

Why test for performance?

Our performance testing service can answer a wide range of questions you may have about the performance of your website such as:

Will my site perform well on our busiest day of the year?
What is the average load time of each page of my website?
Does my app deliver fast response times and a good user experience even under peak load?
When pushed to the limit, does my app recover gracefully, or does it crash hard and lose data?
Do I have memory leaks or resource exhaustion that appear after extended usage?

How much does it cost?

Contact our QA Team today with your requirements and we can get back to you ASAP with a quote.

The cloud-based tool we use charges on how many hours per bot will be used. So, once we have an idea of the amount of pages/functionality combined with the amount of simulated users needed, we can provide you with an estimate.

Do we need test cases?

You won't actually need test cases, but you will need a test script.

The test script is derived from what you want the simulated users to actually do while performance testing your website. This can be simply navigating to each page, or perhaps submitting a form, and any other interactive website elements.

Our QA Team will work with you to obtain the information needed, and will then create the test scripts required to run the performance tests.

Will the testing use real users?

The tool we use can utlize several thousand simultaneous users working through your site. These users are simulated by the tool.

The simulated users can also be configured to come from 24 unique global locations.

Is a detailed report provided?

Yes, absolutley. As soon as the performance test is complete, a report is generated automatically. Once complete, we will send you the report via a sharable link.

The report includes a wealth of useful information such as; load times by URLs, response time percentiles, network throughput, transactions, errors, traces and more.

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"The attention to detail which T4S exhibited was awesome. They went above and beyond to test edge cases and use cases which we had not thought of."



"They have offered high-quality QA testing, and they customize it based on our client’s needs. They uncovered many edge cases and were very easy to work with."


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