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"Nature has an innate knowledge that ensures its success and survival. We see this in the way that plants know where and when to grow, how a plant organizes its leaves to capture sunlight to gain fuel or shed them to save energy, how a flower arranges its petals to attract pollinators. It appears that it all comes down to the genetic code that lies deep within."

we have it covered

Test automation will optimize your QA time spent running repetitive tests such as sanity tests or regression tests. Our QA Team have an extensive knowledge of designing, creating and maintaining automated test suites for websites of all types and levels of complexity.

Outsourced flexible automated service

A flexible approach

We believe test automation should be straight-forward for the Testers creating them and anyone else who needs to understand and potentially modify them in the future. That's why we offer two great test automation options!

Outsourced mobile app testing and QA

Basic Automation Solution

This solution uses a simple automation tool to create tests. While it only allows testing of websites on the Chrome browser, it is very low cost and simple to use making it a great option for companies on a budget or just looking for some basic test automation.

Outsourced automated web testing and QA

Advanced Automation Solution

This advanced solution offers a wide range of automation options for both web and mobile. It does require an anual fee for the licence, but for companies who are looking to build an extensive range of automation suites for their products, this AI-powered tool is incredible.


why automate test cases?

Automated test cases can be used to great effect especially for test cases that are required to be used repetitively. For example; a sanity test could be automated to be ran after each new nightly build. Alternatively, an automated regression test could be ran prior to a release when there is no time for manual testing.

Is there a specific QA process?

The Our QA Team has experience of working within a range of different development processes, from Waterfall and Agile, to CI/CD. We know how important it is to follow any development or specific QA process rules within a product's development. We also know to be flexible to ensure the QA process does become a bottleneck in the development.

Our QA Team can also provide you with guidance on how to improve your QA process to make it even more efficient!

who MAINTAINs the test cases?

Once developed, the our Automated QA Team can hand over the designed tests to you. You can then choose to run them and maintain them yourself, or alternatively leave the execution and maintenance aspects with our team.

when can you start?

By contacting our Automated QA team by any method below, we can get the ball rolling!

An Automated QA Team representative will get back to you ASAP with details on how we can get started designing your automated tests. If you already have a strategy in mind, then great. If not, we can discuss with you what we think is the best automation strategy for your product.

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Financial Services

"The attention to detail which T4S exhibited was awesome. They went above and beyond to test edge cases and use cases which we had not thought of."



"They have offered high-quality QA testing, and they customize it based on our client’s needs. They uncovered many edge cases and were very easy to work with."


Digital App Agency

"No matter the request, T4S provide the quality testing services we need at a reasonable price. I wish we found them years ago!"


Digital App Agency

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