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Why do I want to be a Software Tester?

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Why do I want to be a Software Tester?

For those people looking to get a job in the field of software testing / QA, you must first ask your self “Why do I want to become a software tester?”. Sounds kind of obvious I know, but it is important to understand what the actual job entails before diving in head-first.

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The role of a software tester can vary depending on the kind of environment they are employed in. For example, a software tester could be testing a game or business application. Both very different in nature and each requiring their own special testing approach and test expertise. That being said, certain software testing techniques and practices can be applied to virtually any software. A newcomer to the world of software is mobile app testing. Many software testers are excited by this, and are actively pushing their career in this direction.

Be aware that a tester rarely spends all day actively testing software. In today’s software development world, a tester can typically spend more time working with test documentation than actually testing software. Depending on the processes and practices in force at a particular company, a tester can typically expect to spend 25% of their time actually testing software. This can put-off newcomers to software testing as they expect to spend their working day ‘finding bugs’. While finding defects is a goal of a software tester, it is not the only goal, and to find defects effectively, a good software tester will have to perform a whole host of other activities before the actual testing begins.

Is there such a thing as a qualified software tester?…..well, the closest thing we have to being qualified in the field of software testing is by achieving ISTQB certification. The ISTQB includes Foundation and Advanced levels of software testing certification. The ISTQB is now know all around the world and more importantly; is recognized by employers as something that shows a certain level of understanding of software testing principles. While, nothing counts as much as experience, at least someone who holds the ISTQB certification can understand to a certain degree a wide range of software testing knowledge. Anyone new to the arena of software testing or is considering a career in software testing should consider studying for it. Very cheap ways of achieving this certification exist, such as an ISTQB Distance-Learning course.

Software testing can be great fun and highly enjoyable as a career, just as as long as an individual understands what is required of them, and how much work they need to put in. Software testing offers a high reward, in the fact that a software tester actively contributes to the level of

quality of a software products and therefore it’s ultimate success as a released product.

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