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At any point in the life-cycle of a web development, organizing and scheduling QA can be a complex and often stressful process. This is why more and more web development companies are opting to use an outsourced web testing service instead. There are several key benefits of using a web testing service outlined below:

Before making the actual decision to outsource any web testing, its worth thinking about the reasons why before-hand. Having the right level of expertise already in the web development company is not straight-forward. For a small to medium-sized web development company, a dedicated web testing QA team may not even exist. The associated cost of employing full-time web testers may simply not be viable, especially as there may not be an ongoing demand for web testing. Many small to medium sized companies will only require QA at certain times, and so using full-time or even contract web testers simply does not make any financial sense. This is where using an outsourced web testing company really shines.

An outsourced web testing company will have expert web testers on-hand to meet any testing requirement you may have. Their expertise would have been gained over several years of testing a huge range of web developments. Their level of expertise will allow their web testers to easily ‘ramp-up’ to learn your web develop inside and out.

The cost of using an outsourced web testing company is significantly less than paying for full-time or contract staff. The main reason for this is; you are only paying for web testing when you actually need it. There are no hidden costs, and therefore this makes project planning so much easier from a financial aspect. Most reputable QA companies will offer a Web Testing Service that can be paid for on an hourly rate or even a fixed cost for the entire project.

If using an outsourced web testing service is something you are considering, then talk to the Web Testing Team at Testing4Success. They are one of the world’s leading Web Testing Service providers. Talk to them today at www.testing4success.com.

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