Wearable Tech QA – Functional Testing

The wearable tech industry has been growing at a fantastic rate in recent years, with a multitude of tech products on the shop shelves, including; activity trackers, smartglasses, smartwatches, trainers and many more. While this is great for consumers, it hasn’t been without it’s challenges for developers and testers.

When it comes to testing wearable tech, it is easy to make the assumption that the associated QA of such a product is just like testing any other type of product, when actually it is very different. For example; when functional testing a website or a mobile app, the functional testing is essentially localized to the web browser or mobile app. This allows the QA team to methodically work through a set of predefined test cases or exploratory tests against the item under test in a relatively straight-forward manner.

For wearable tech QA, especially when considering functional testing, a different approach is often required. Most wearable tech products have an associated mobile app or website(or both). Therefore functional tests must be designed to cover testing the wearable tech item, the associated web/mobile app and also the combination of both, e.g. end-to-end tests.

The testing environment and setup must also be a key consideration with wearable tech QA. The item under QA must be able to be tested in an environment that is stable and repeatable. With wearable tech, this often means ensuring the product is linked via bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular networks to an associated website or mobile app.

When considering functional testing and wearable tech QA, while the approaches may be different and may require consideration for each specific wearable tech product; good software testing principles can be applied to any software, regardless of the platform. A Professional Wearable Tech QA Service will be able to provide you with the confidence your company needs to ensure your wearable tech product hits the market with total confidence.