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New Web Testing QA System at Testing4Success

The QA team at Testing4Success have now completed their trials of a new system that dramatically increases their capacity for web-based testing. This new state-of-the-art system can setup and configure one of over two hundred operating system and browser combinations within seconds. The new system is now live and already proving a hit with our […]

Best Outsourced Web Testing Companies

Based on a recent survey, the following outsourced web testing companies were voted the best in their field. So what makes a good web testing company? The are several factors that separate a good outsourced service and a great outsourced service. Communication is often a key factor in any item of work that is outsourced. […]

Web Testing on Mobile Devices

In recent times, there has been a change in the way websites are tested. In the past, when web testing was considered, it was the browser coverage that was the main focus. While that is still the case in some respects, we are now seeing mobile devices being thrown into the mix. As professional web […]

Web Testing for Beginners

When we consider web testing, we think about either testing a web page or a website app. This blog highlights some key QA considerations when thinking about web testing. For most web testers these items are already common knowledge, but worth a read anyway. For those testers new to the field of web testing, then […]