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Scrum, Agile and eXtreme Programming for Software Testers

I have chosen to write about Scrum, Agile and eXtreme Programming. It´s an important topic. Agile and Scrum has a huge impact on the Software Tester. Scrum in itself is a test of the organization. If you´re already familiar with Scrum and Agile. How well does your experiences fit the description? It is obvious that […]

Android App QA Service Company

Testing4Success.com – Professional Android App Testing Services. As any Android app developer will tell you, its one thing developing the app, but its another thing testing it. The sheer number of Android devices in the marketplace makes it an uphill struggle to ensure a new app can be confidently released into the marketplace. Unlike iPhone […]

Crowdsourcing Vs Professional Outsourced Software Testing

Crowdsourcing in the field of software testing has become quite popular in recent years. For those companies looking to choose this method of QA, there are many competing companies out there. For those unfamiliar with the concept of crowdsourcing; basically you find a company who has a large amount of testers, often thousands (these testers […]

So you want to become a Software Tester

Some people decide they want to be a ‘software tester’. Perhaps they know someone who does this, or have seen the role in real life or in a movie or in a book. Or have experienced the result of inadequate testing. Perhaps the concept just ‘sings’ to them. Some of these people have no past […]

Choosing a Mobile App Testing Company

As the field of software engineering grows, new domains are explored. One of those domains is the mobile app testing domain. It is a hot area, and a lot of money has been invested in this particular domain for projects related to mobile apps. These topics include iphone, Android applications. The mobile app domain has […]

Software Word Games

I say ‘toe-may-toe’ and you say ‘toe-mah-toe’ and we both know we are talking about that round, red fruit?/vegetable? which makes most sandwiches and pizzas worth eating. Not to mention spaghetti. Hang on while I go have dinner… Any way, when talking food, pretty much everybody understands the words used by most other people. Not […]

Is ‘Exploratory’ Testing Useful?

There is a form of testing being used today called ‘Exploratory’. What this means is that the testers are provided a product and encouraged to ‘try it out’. Why is this considered a good option? One theory is that the testers ‘pretend’ to be real users and find the kinds of bugs real customers would […]

Why you want to use an APE as your tester

No, not an ape, a member of the monkey family, but an APE – Another Pair of Eyes. Every day, there are programs being introduced which are the work of one person.  They conceived of it or discovered the requirement, built it, tested it, and put it out to the world.  Most often this is […]

Why do I want to be a Software Tester?

For those people looking to get a job in the field of software testing / QA, you must first ask your self “Why do I want to become a software tester?”. Sounds kind of obvious I know, but it is important to understand what the actual job entails before diving in head-first. Get the New […]

Professional Mobile App Testing

The mobile app revolution is fully underway, with relative newcomers like Android already fully a part of it. With Microsoft looming on the horizon with their own take on mobile phones, the future is looking to be very mobile app orientated. Whether its an iPhone app, Android app or something else entirely, as consumers for […]