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Quality Assurance and the eternal “fight for a place”

That’s right. You read the title well. It is an eternal fight for a place in your company, in your team, in the involvement that you have with the software development and delivery to a customer. A lot of people want in their company a QA team, but most of the people don’t know what […]

Software Testing with Real or Virtual Machines?

An ongoing debate in the field of software testing is whether or not to rely on test results gathered from testing on virtual machines (VM’s). In the last ten years or so, virtual machines have revolutionized the way software testers work. Before, the virtual machine revolution, testers would often spend their day in front of […]

When to Report Defects In Software

As testers execute a program during a testing activity, if a failure in the software is witnessed, testers should report the details of the failure in order to identify which defect(s) leads to that failure. The defect log report should contain necessary information, and this information should be detailed enough for the developer to analyze […]

On Blogging… and Spam

I had heard about ‘blogging’ for years, but had managed to avoid learning about it until reading the Allison Reynolds books by J A Jance. Her description was pretty enticing. In this series, a lady is encouraged to start a blog. It is described as being a free form expression of her thoughts in a […]