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Samsung S4 – Testing the New Android Leader

At Testing4Success.com our QA team is privileged to be able to use the latest Android mobile phones. While our clients depend on us have the latest range of Android mobile phones, it is also an excuse for us to play with some new toys. We have been fortunate to get our hands on the new […]

The Best Offshore QA Company?

Choosing an offshore company to perform QA on a software development is a big decision for any software company, no matter what their size. Once a decision has been made to use an offshore QA company, then choosing the right company is obviously the next important step. So, the words ‘offshore’ and ‘outsourced’ are often […]

Software Word Games

I say ‘toe-may-toe’ and you say ‘toe-mah-toe’ and we both know we are talking about that round, red fruit?/vegetable? which makes most sandwiches and pizzas worth eating. Not to mention spaghetti. Hang on while I go have dinner… Any way, when talking food, pretty much everybody understands the words used by most other people. Not […]

How To Test Quality Into Your Product

If you came here looking for hints on how to ‘Test In Quality’, you will be disappointed. I hope to show you that it is ‘impossible’ to do this. What is the purpose of testing? Go ahead, write it down here: The purpose of testing is to _______________. If you are like most people, you […]

QA Software Testing Tips

I was recently asked by someone new to software testing, if I had any tips for software testing in general. I couldn’t actually answer that question on the spot, but it got me thinking. This blog entry includes ten software testing tips from my own personal experience. As every tester out there will be in […]

Web Testing for Beginners

When we consider web testing, we think about either testing a web page or a website app. This blog highlights some key QA considerations when thinking about web testing. For most web testers these items are already common knowledge, but worth a read anyway. For those testers new to the field of web testing, then […]