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Do we really need software testing?

For any company developing software, at some point pressure to reach the deadline in order to release the product on time will come into play. Additional pressure from project stakeholders, such as ‘Marketing’ will not want to delay the release date as significant effort and money may have already been spent on an expected release […]

The Best Offshore QA Company?

Choosing an offshore company to perform QA on a software development is a big decision for any software company, no matter what their size. Once a decision has been made to use an offshore QA company, then choosing the right company is obviously the next important step. So, the words ‘offshore’ and ‘outsourced’ are often […]

Why do I want to be a Software Tester?

For those people looking to get a job in the field of software testing / QA, you must first ask your self “Why do I want to become a software tester?”. Sounds kind of obvious I know, but it is important to understand what the actual job entails before diving in head-first. Get the New […]

Choosing to Outsource QA

Outsourcing QA is growing in popularity these days. This is down to several factors, one them being the current economic climate. As many software development companies are forced to reduce their size to save money, often it’s the testers that are the first to go. Often, after such resizing has taken effect a company will […]

QA Software Testing Tips

I was recently asked by someone new to software testing, if I had any tips for software testing in general. I couldn’t actually answer that question on the spot, but it got me thinking. This blog entry includes ten software testing tips from my own personal experience. As every tester out there will be in […]