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What is Functional Testing?

Functional Testing is probably the most widely used form of software testing in the Information Technology world today. The vast majority of software producing companies have tight budgets, tight deadlines and lots of competition. The main aim of this type of software testing is to answer the following question: Does the software do what it […]

Do we really need software testing?

For any company developing software, at some point pressure to reach the deadline in order to release the product on time will come into play. Additional pressure from project stakeholders, such as ‘Marketing’ will not want to delay the release date as significant effort and money may have already been spent on an expected release […]

Testing4Success.com’s Outsourced QA Service Featured on BBC Technology Program

Testing4Success.com was featured in a recently aired special technology program that focused on the growing trend of outsourcing software development and testing. The program which aired on BBC UK and BBC Canada news channels featured the leading companies in the field of outsourced software development and testing from around the globe. “An ever-growing number of […]

Software Testing with Real or Virtual Machines?

An ongoing debate in the field of software testing is whether or not to rely on test results gathered from testing on virtual machines (VM’s). In the last ten years or so, virtual machines have revolutionized the way software testers work. Before, the virtual machine revolution, testers would often spend their day in front of […]

Canada’s No.1 QA / Software Testing Company

Testing4Success are proud to be at the forefront of QA and Software Testing in Canada and North America. With our flexible and professional approach to web testing, mobile app testing, desktop application testing and also QA training, our clients return to us time-after-time. What makes Testing4success stand-out from every other outsourced software testing company is […]

Canada’s Leading QA Company

As Canada’s leading software testing/QA company, here at Testing4success.com we know full well, what it means to be at the fore-front of the field of software testing. Canada is such a massive country, but most of the tech companies and software developers are focused in two key areas. Ontario and British Columbia. To be more […]

Introduction to Software Test – Unit Test

Pretty much everyone is aware of how software is produced. A person or group designs a program, picks (or are assigned) a language, and codes it. But not everyone knows what happens next. There is, or at least should be, some form of testing to verify that the program ‘works’. In fact, there often should […]

Certification for Software Test

There are a lot of ‘certifications’ in the software field. Does having a certification mean you are competent in that particular specialty? Not necessarily. What it means is that you took and passed a test. Stand out from the Crowd! 40% OFF – Mobile App QA e-Learning Course Order Now There is one certification which […]

Tools: One Size Fits All?

Testers consistently ask on forums “Anyone know a tool to test Mobile Applications?” Whether on an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad or any other tablet, the question consistently appears as if one expects to find a one right answer, one size fits all. By “all” what do I mean? I do not mean all types of […]

Defining “Mobile Testing”

I’ve read many blogs, posts in forums, spoken to software testers referring to “mobile testing” when they really mean mobile application testing.  I wanted to start off this blog defining terminology. Mobile Testing encompasses mobile application testing, mobile device testing, mobile phone testing, mobile system testing. Stand out from the Crowd! 40% OFF – Mobile […]