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Quality Assurance and the eternal “fight for a place”

That’s right. You read the title well. It is an eternal fight for a place in your company, in your team, in the involvement that you have with the software development and delivery to a customer. A lot of people want in their company a QA team, but most of the people don’t know what […]

Scrum, Agile and eXtreme Programming for Software Testers

I have chosen to write about Scrum, Agile and eXtreme Programming. It´s an important topic. Agile and Scrum has a huge impact on the Software Tester. Scrum in itself is a test of the organization. If you´re already familiar with Scrum and Agile. How well does your experiences fit the description? It is obvious that […]

ISTQB Agile Tester Certification Training Course

Any self-respecting tester that calls themselves a professional should have Agile testing experience. If they don’t have experience, then there is something that they can do about it. They can now get certified by the ISTQB in the ISTQB Agile Tester Extension certification. This relatively new software testing certification aims to provide a tester with […]

Do we really need software testing?

For any company developing software, at some point pressure to reach the deadline in order to release the product on time will come into play. Additional pressure from project stakeholders, such as ‘Marketing’ will not want to delay the release date as significant effort and money may have already been spent on an expected release […]

iPhone App Testing – App Testing Company

With literally millions of iPhone Apps now released, it is becoming clear that shift to developing these types of applications is no longer a fad, but more of a revolution. So how can an iPhone App developer release an App that will be successful if there are so many Apps out there? An iPhone App […]

World’s No.1 Web Testing Company

The QA team at Testing4Success have now completed their trials of a new system that dramatically increases their capacity for web-based testing. This new state-of-the-art system can setup and configure one of over two hundred operating system and browser combinations within seconds. The new system is now live and already proving a hit with our […]

Agile, Agile and one more time Agile!

What should everyone working in Agile environment realize when in the process of developing product? And particularly what role plays QA in the Scrum. Why Agile? It is simply keeping everyone in team on track to deliver quality product in the set time-frame. Flexibility is the primary characteristic of this method. It is so nice […]

What Does Software Quality Assurance Mean?

Quality Assurance (QA) focuses on ‘prevention’. It covers all software development processes. This includes monitoring and improving the process, ensuring that standards and procedures are followed, and that problems are identified and resolved. QA encompasses processes such as code reviews and release management. It is the processes followed by people within the project, Project Managers, […]

Canada’s No.1 QA / Software Testing Company

Testing4Success are proud to be at the forefront of QA and Software Testing in Canada and North America. With our flexible and professional approach to web testing, mobile app testing, desktop application testing and also QA training, our clients return to us time-after-time. What makes Testing4success stand-out from every other outsourced software testing company is […]

Free ISTQB Exam Questions and Answers for CTFL and Advanced

Many people wishing to study for the ISTQB CTFL or Advanced exams look for free exam questions. What is surprising, is that many people believe the free exam questions will actually help them pass the exam, so much so in fact that some people do not undertake any studying at all, but simply prepare for […]