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Choosing an Outsourced Mobile App Testing Company

As the field of software engineering grows, new domains are explored. One of those domains is the mobile app testing domain. It is a hot area, and a lot of money has been invested in this particular domain for projects related to mobile apps. These topics include iphone, blackberry, android and symbian applications. The mobile […]

An Outsourced Web Testing Company

There are plenty of good reasons to choose to outsource your web testing requirements to a professional outsourced testing company. The most common reason is down to competency, as many companies simply do not have the right skill-set in their staff. Testing practices, approaches and tools change frequently, so knowing that your web development is […]

Outsourced Web Testing – Choosing a Web Testing Company

Gone are the days when web testing was just a quick test to ensure there were no typos, and that the hyper-links worked.  Web testing now, must ‘factor in’ a whole range of tests in order to ensure a quality web development is released. Many companies and their associated teams look to outsourced web testing […]