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Three Reasons To Outsource Your Software Testing

There are three factors to consider regarding outsourcing software testing (QA), and these are Cost, Skills and Simplicity. The Cost Factor A Good Outsourced Software Testing Company should have a standard hourly rate for their software testing service. This rate should be comparable to that of a decent contract software tester. The beauty of outsourcing […]

Outsourced QA Service / Software Testing Service

A growing number of software development companies are now choosing to outsource their QA / Software Testing to a professional QA service company. The relatively low cost and assurance that professionals are performing the testing makes this a viable and sensible option for any company that wishes to increase or maintain the quality of their […]

Outsourced Mobile App Testing Services

Ensuring the choose the right outsourced mobile app testing company is paramount to the success of your mobile project. There are several factors that must be considered to help make the right choice, some of which we have outlined below: Real Devices? Make sure the mobile app testing company only tests on real devices. This […]