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Mobile App Testing – QA For Mobile Apps

Mobile apps normally fall into two categories, either they are professionally developed for a specific purpose with a clear business goal in mind, or they are developed for fun, often the latter is developed by a single person. Testing of any application is critical and I won’t go into the reasons here, but it is […]

mobile app testing service companies

Visit Testing4Success.com for our complete range of mobile app testing services – In order to provide an effective testing service, any outsourced testing company must have the knowledge and capability to provide their clients with professional testing service. Critical to the success of any test is the ability to test an app on a real […]

QA Company in Canada – Testing4Success.com

Testing4success.com is Canada’s leading outsourced QA company. With a QA team that only consists of testers with 15+ years’ experience, you can be assured your software product is in good hands. Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Testing4success has rapidly grown into a major force in the field of outsourced QA. What makes them stand-out […]

The Best Offshore QA Company?

Choosing an offshore company to perform QA on a software development is a big decision for any software company, no matter what their size. Once a decision has been made to use an offshore QA company, then choosing the right company is obviously the next important step. So, the words ‘offshore’ and ‘outsourced’ are often […]

Crowdsourcing Vs Professional Outsourced Software Testing

Crowdsourcing in the field of software testing has become quite popular in recent years. For those companies looking to choose this method of QA, there are many competing companies out there. For those unfamiliar with the concept of crowdsourcing; basically you find a company who has a large amount of testers, often thousands (these testers […]

Choosing to Outsource QA

Outsourcing QA is growing in popularity these days. This is down to several factors, one them being the current economic climate. As many software development companies are forced to reduce their size to save money, often it’s the testers that are the first to go. Often, after such resizing has taken effect a company will […]