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Testing Touchscreen Devices

Many of the electronic devices today utilize a touchscreen interface, and for some that is the pretty much the only way of communicating your commands to the device. These days, this particularly includes ‘smart’ phones and tablets, which have enough computer power to require a lot of interfacing by the user in order to perform […]

Qualities for a Mobile Tester

What makes up a solid mobile tester?  If you were searching for someone to join your mobile testing team or want to try this career, what kinds of qualities do you need?  As I’ve discussed in previous blogs, mobile testers do not JUST test the software as if it were a desktop application.  Mobile testers […]

Tools: One Size Fits All?

Testers consistently ask on forums “Anyone know a tool to test Mobile Applications?” Whether on an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad or any other tablet, the question consistently appears as if one expects to find a one right answer, one size fits all. By “all” what do I mean? I do not mean all types of […]

Defining “Mobile Testing”

I’ve read many blogs, posts in forums, spoken to software testers referring to “mobile testing” when they really mean mobile application testing.  I wanted to start off this blog defining terminology. Mobile Testing encompasses mobile application testing, mobile device testing, mobile phone testing, mobile system testing. Stand out from the Crowd! 40% OFF – Mobile […]