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New Mobile App QA Service

For a considerable length of time, Testing4Success has been at the forefront of mobile app QA. Providing professional mobile app QA services from single mobile app developers to international corporations. Over time, the Mobile App QA Team at Testing4Success has gained experience in testing a huge range of mobile apps. From their state-of-the-art mobile app […]

Mobile App Testing – QA For Mobile Apps

Mobile apps normally fall into two categories, either they are professionally developed for a specific purpose with a clear business goal in mind, or they are developed for fun, often the latter is developed by a single person. Testing of any application is critical and I won’t go into the reasons here, but it is […]

Certification For Mobile App Testing

Mobile app testing is a relativity new concept in the overall field of professional software testing. So, how can a tester show to prospective employers that they can test a mobile app. Most software testers will hold the ISTQB certification at least to a foundation level. While this certification is perfectly adequate, it only covers […]

Mobile App QA Tips – 1 of 5

We asked our Mobile App QA Team for their top five QA tips. Our Mobile App Testers have years of testing mobile apps across a wide range of app categories, and their expertise has contributed to the release of hundreds of high-quality mobile apps on iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android platforms. We thought we would […]

Testing4Success Launches Enhanced Mobile App QA Service

One of the obstacles that software development companies face when developing mobile apps, is the ability to test their new apps on real devices. Ensuring an app works on a real device is a ‘no brainer’ from a QA point of view. A simulator is just not sufficient when you consider the risks of an […]

Mobile App QA Training

Mobile App QA Training via e-learning – As any software tester knows; mobile apps are the fastest growing form of  software development in history. The QA world is currently playing catch-up, trying to fill the vast amount of mobile app QA jobs available at the moment. In order to successfully secure one of these jobs, […]

Offshore QA Service Located in Canada

Offshore QA Service located in Canada. Visit Testing4Success.com to view details of our offshore QA service. As one of the world’s leading offshore QA companies, we know better than anyone how important your software product is. For any software development company considering handing-over their product to an offshore QA company, there is always that period […]