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Choosing an Outsourced Mobile App Testing Company

As the field of software engineering grows, new domains are explored. One of those domains is the mobile app testing domain. It is a hot area, and a lot of money has been invested in this particular domain for projects related to mobile apps. These topics include iphone, blackberry, android and symbian applications. The mobile […]

UK BCS / ISEB ISTQB Multi-User License for e-learning Training

Many companies are electing to train their software testers via e-learning / distance-learning and saving a huge amount of money by using a multi-user (or company-wide) training license. There are several reasons why training to achieve BCS / ISEB ISTQB certifications should adopt this approach. The first reason is cost. In times such as these, […]

UK ISTQB BCS Distance-Learning Course

If you are considering studying for the ISTQB BCS (ISEB)Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) or ISTQB BCS Advanced, you should consider the most effective and efficient way to study, as this could save you a small fortune in training fees. As you probably already know, the Foundation level is aimed at software testers who would […]

Cheapest Way to Achieve ISTQB Certification

The BCS (ISEB) / ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) is the world’s leading Software Testing / QA certification. Many employers will not even consider a tester if they do not hold this certification. If you have looked into the costs for studying for the BCS (ISEB) / ISTQB exam, you will have noticed a […]

What Happened to the ISEB?

Late last year the BCS dropped it’s ISEB acronym from its website. Not only that, the ISTQB dropped the name ISEB from it’s website and replaced BCS with UKTB! For anyone thinking about gaining ISTQB accreditation in the UK, it makes sense to fully understand these acronyms and there context in the field of QA […]