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How To Test a Mobile App

So you have developed a mobile application and you think its ready for release. You will have probably tested it on an emulator of some kind and possibly a browser or two, and so now you think its time to release it. Before this is done lets consider what state the mobile App is in. […]

iPhone App Testing – App Testing Company

With literally millions of iPhone Apps now released, it is becoming clear that shift to developing these types of applications is no longer a fad, but more of a revolution. So how can an iPhone App developer release an App that will be successful if there are so many Apps out there? An iPhone App […]

iPhone App Testing Service

Visit Testing4Success.com to view our complete range of iPhone App Testing Services. Our professional Mobile App Testers have the skill, knowledge and expertise to test your iPhone apps. Whether it’s an app in development, or already released, our testers are standing-by to ensure your iPhone app is the best it can be, and reaches your […]

Testing the New iPhone 5

As experts in the field of iPhone App Testing, the Mobile App Test Team here at Testing4success.com have long been looking forward to test the new iPhone 5. Testing this new mobile phone has required our testers to update their test plans, approaches and methodologies to ensure that any iPhone app can be thoroughly tested […]

iPhone App Testing – The Importance of the End-User’s Perspective

Ensuring your iPhone app is tested adequately is probably the most important part of the app’s development, but it’s also the most over-looked. There are several areas that should be tested thoroughly, but even minimal testing in these areas will be much more effective than no testing at all. A key area to focus on […]