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iPad App Testing – A Mobile App Tester’s Perspective

Now the relatively recent world-wide phenomenon of the mobile app has become accepted as a major factor in software development. The question has been asked by software developers and software testers alike…should these iPhone apps or iPad apps be tested any differently to the more traditional windows based or mac based application? the answer is […]

Testing4Success Launches Enhanced Mobile App QA Service

One of the obstacles that software development companies face when developing mobile apps, is the ability to test their new apps on real devices. Ensuring an app works on a real device is a ‘no brainer’ from a QA point of view. A simulator is just not sufficient when you consider the risks of an […]

Testing Touchscreen Devices

Many of the electronic devices today utilize a touchscreen interface, and for some that is the pretty much the only way of communicating your commands to the device. These days, this particularly includes ‘smart’ phones and tablets, which have enough computer power to require a lot of interfacing by the user in order to perform […]