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Training for ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst in 2014?

Are you thing about training for the ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst certification this year? If yes, then you may want to consider which training method will be right for you. We discuss here, the three best ISTQB training options: The hardest option a student can choose is to study for the ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst […]

Three Reasons To Outsource Your Software Testing

There are three factors to consider regarding outsourcing software testing (QA), and these are Cost, Skills and Simplicity. The Cost Factor A Good Outsourced Software Testing Company should have a standard hourly rate for their software testing service. This rate should be comparable to that of a decent contract software tester. The beauty of outsourcing […]


A popular mistake that people make when studying for the ISTQB Foundation or ISTQB Advanced exam is to search the internet looking for free ISTQB study guides, training or free exam questions. While the search will undoubtedly find such material, the quality of these free items is somewhat questionable. To start with, its virtually guaranteed […]

Free ISTQB Exam Questions and Answers for CTFL and Advanced

Many people wishing to study for the ISTQB CTFL or Advanced exams look for free exam questions. What is surprising, is that many people believe the free exam questions will actually help them pass the exam, so much so in fact that some people do not undertake any studying at all, but simply prepare for […]

Free Questions for 2015 ISTQB Exams

As creators of some the worlds leading QA certification products, we are often asked; “why should we pay for ISTQB exam questions, when we can simply search for them on the internet?”. The reason is simple if you really want to pass the exam, and pass it first time. Let’s take the ISTQB Advanced exams […]