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Do we really need software testing?

For any company developing software, at some point pressure to reach the deadline in order to release the product on time will come into play. Additional pressure from project stakeholders, such as ‘Marketing’ will not want to delay the release date as significant effort and money may have already been spent on an expected release […]

How To Test Quality Into Your Product

If you came here looking for hints on how to ‘Test In Quality’, you will be disappointed. I hope to show you that it is ‘impossible’ to do this. What is the purpose of testing? Go ahead, write it down here: The purpose of testing is to _______________. If you are like most people, you […]

Professional Mobile App Testing

The mobile app revolution is fully underway, with relative newcomers like Android already fully a part of it. With Microsoft looming on the horizon with their own take on mobile phones, the future is looking to be very mobile app orientated. Whether its an iPhone app, Android app or something else entirely, as consumers for […]