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Choosing an Outsourced Mobile App Testing Company

As the field of software engineering grows, new domains are explored. One of those domains is the mobile app testing domain. It is a hot area, and a lot of money has been invested in this particular domain for projects related to mobile apps. These topics include iphone, blackberry, android and symbian applications. The mobile […]

iPhone App Testing – App Testing Company

With literally millions of iPhone Apps now released, it is becoming clear that shift to developing these types of applications is no longer a fad, but more of a revolution. So how can an iPhone App developer release an App that will be successful if there are so many Apps out there? An iPhone App […]

Developers must update apps for iPhone 5

A big surprise to iPhone app developers, was that they must update their apps to appear correctly on the new iPhone 5. Unveiled today, this new smartphone from Apple did not come with many big surprises. This is party due to the specifications being widespread on the internet over the last few weeks, even months. […]