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Tips for iPhone App Beta Testing

With so much competition (approximately 225,000) in the field of iPhone Apps, it is critical to not only produce an App that is original, but also to ensure it is of high quality. The users experience must be positive from the moment they start the App. Anything less than ‘great’, then that user will leave […]

Mobile App Testing Service

To view our range of Professional Mobile App Testing services, please visit us at Testing4Success.com. Mobile app testing is a requirement of any mobile app development. The quality of an app is judged like no other form of software development. It is judged as soon as it is released by potentially thousands of end users. […]

Developers must update apps for iPhone 5

A big surprise to iPhone app developers, was that they must update their apps to appear correctly on the new iPhone 5. Unveiled today, this new smartphone from Apple did not come with many big surprises. This is party due to the specifications being widespread on the internet over the last few weeks, even months. […]

Determining The Goal Of Mobile App Testing

Often when testing starts on a mobile app testing project, it is without thought as to the goal of the testing. This can result in wasted time by the testers involved and something much worse; inadequate testing for the mobile app. In the field of mobile app testing for example, there are several possible goals. […]