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Google Integrates Android OS Into Car Dashboards

Google is now working closely with a range of leading car manufacturers including; Honda, Audi and Hyundai with a view to integrate its Android operating system into their car dashboards. What this means to the end-user (or driver) is that it would allow a range of Android apps and also music to seamlessly work with […]

Testing4Success Launches Enhanced Mobile App QA Service

One of the obstacles that software development companies face when developing mobile apps, is the ability to test their new apps on real devices. Ensuring an app works on a real device is a ‘no brainer’ from a QA point of view. A simulator is just not sufficient when you consider the risks of an […]

Android App QA Service Company

Testing4Success.com – Professional Android App Testing Services. As any Android app developer will tell you, its one thing developing the app, but its another thing testing it. The sheer number of Android devices in the marketplace makes it an uphill struggle to ensure a new app can be confidently released into the marketplace. Unlike iPhone […]

Testing Touchscreen Devices

Many of the electronic devices today utilize a touchscreen interface, and for some that is the pretty much the only way of communicating your commands to the device. These days, this particularly includes ‘smart’ phones and tablets, which have enough computer power to require a lot of interfacing by the user in order to perform […]

Professional Mobile App Testing

The mobile app revolution is fully underway, with relative newcomers like Android already fully a part of it. With Microsoft looming on the horizon with their own take on mobile phones, the future is looking to be very mobile app orientated. Whether its an iPhone app, Android app or something else entirely, as consumers for […]