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New Mobile App QA Service

For a considerable length of time, Testing4Success has been at the forefront of mobile app QA. Providing professional mobile app QA services from single mobile app developers to international corporations. Over time, the Mobile App QA Team at Testing4Success has gained experience in testing a huge range of mobile apps. From their state-of-the-art mobile app QA lab in Victoria, Canada, they have been providing a world-class mobile app QA service around the globe.

Rather than simply providing an mobile app QA service that offers clients the opportunity to pay for testers with an hourly rate. The Mobile App QA Team at Testing4Success has recently launched an entire new range of mobile QA services. Now mobile app developers can have a choice of three fixed-cost mobile app QA solutions, and one flexi-cost solution. The first of the fixed-cost solutions is the ‘Light Test’. This QA solution is (as the name implies), a light test of an apps key functionality. This solution is ideal for a quick ‘sanity’ test. Next, we have the ‘Standard Test’. This solution includes a full functionality, usability, design test. In addition, a light compatibility test is included that tests the app on key phones, tablets and phablets. Finally we have the most popular solution, which is the ‘Pro Test’. This mobile app QA solution includes a full functionality, usability, design and content test. In addition, a full compatibility test is performed on a range of phones, tablets and phablets. The ‘Pro Test’ also includes a defect fix verification service and a full regression test.

For those looking for a more flexible solution, Testing4Success also provides the ‘Flexi Test’ mobile app QA solution. This solution is based on hiring the Mobile App QA Team from anywhere between 1 hour to 1 year, to perform any QA tasks that the client requires; such as test case creation to defect investigation etc.

For more information on the new range of Mobile App QA Services offered by Testing4Success, contact their QA Team today.

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