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Trying to organize QA at any point in the development of a mobile app can be tricky to say the least. That’s why choosing to use an outsourced mobile app QA service is becoming a very popular option indeed. So, what are the benefits of choosing to outsource rather than simply using resources within the originating company?

There are a few key factors to consider when selecting an outsourced mobile app QA company. Having the right expertise within a company is not as straight-forward as it first appears. The cost of of hiring a mobile app tester on a full-time or even on a contract basis can be extremely costly for any mobile app development company. Many companies only need mobile app testers at certain points in the app’s development life-cycle, such as shortly before release; for example. Therefore, it is unfeasible to retain full-time testers for this kind of sporadic work. That’s where an outsourced mobile app testing company comes in. You simply hire them as and when you need them, no long term contracts or other overheads (healthcare, vacation time etc). A good outsourced mobile app QA company will be able to provide you with testers at very short notice.

Mobile app testing expertise is very hard to come by. The whole mobile app arena is still relatively new, and therefore there are very few actual professional mobile app testers. The chances of having such testers available is very slim. But, a mobile app testing company will have a whole team of them. In addition this team would have had exposure to a whole range of different apps. This makes it easy for them to ‘ramp up’ on any new app very quickly. They will quickly be able to detect defects through exploratory testing or other techniques at their disposal.

Being able to test a mobile on real devices is key to ensure an app appears as expected. But, how many mobile app developers have access to a good range of real devices? not many, that’s for sure. The cost of purchasing a range of iOS and Android devices will run into several thousands, and with the constant release of new devices coming onto the market, the cost will be ongoing. A good outsourced mobile app QA company will have an up to date range of Android and iOS devices. Their range of mobile devices will allow your app to be tested for compatibility. This  provides the mobile app developers with total confidence that their app will look and behave as expected to their target audience.

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