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The No.1 Mobile App Testing Service

There are three important factors to consider when it comes to mobile app testing; and those are Functionality, Usability and Compatibility. Functional Mobile App Testing Your app will only be a success if the app actually ‘does what it was designed to do’. This top priority test will involve strategically working through the screens of […]

Tips for iPhone App Beta Testing

With so much competition (approximately 225,000) in the field of iPhone Apps, it is critical to not only produce an App that is original, but also to ensure it is of high quality. The users experience must be positive from the moment they start the App. Anything less than ‘great’, then that user will leave […]

iPhone App Testing – App Testing Company

With literally millions of iPhone Apps now released, it is becoming clear that shift to developing these types of applications is no longer a fad, but more of a revolution. So how can an iPhone App developer release an App that will be successful if there are so many Apps out there? An iPhone App […]

Android User Security

You don’t necessarily need to be an android to properly secure your Android device. With a few tips and adhering to a regime of think before you click, we can hopefully demystify some of the otherwise inscrutable security features inherent to the Android platform. As recent reports of rampant malware and Trojans began to surface via […]

Mobile App Testing Professional E-learning Course & Certification

Due to the world-wide success of our Mobile App Testing Associate (MATA) certification. Testing4Success are proud to announce the release of the Mobile App Testing Professional (MATP) certification. This new Mobile App Testing Professional (MATP) certification now gives mobile app testers the opportunity to learn advanced mobile app testing techniques and gain valuable experience, and […]

Mobile App Testing – QA For Mobile Apps

Mobile apps normally fall into two categories, either they are professionally developed for a specific purpose with a clear business goal in mind, or they are developed for fun, often the latter is developed by a single person. Testing of any application is critical and I won’t go into the reasons here, but it is […]

Free iPhone and Android App Usability Test

In order to achieve a competitive edge; an iPhone app must provide a positive experience for the intended user. Our team of professional mobile app testers have the knowledge and techniques at their disposal to tackle any iPhone app’s usability ‘head-on’. By also replicating various user-types; our iPhone app testing solutions ensure complete usability test […]

Agile, Agile and one more time Agile!

What should everyone working in Agile environment realize when in the process of developing product? And particularly what role plays QA in the Scrum. Why Agile? It is simply keeping everyone in team on track to deliver quality product in the set time-frame. Flexibility is the primary characteristic of this method. It is so nice […]

Outsourced Software Testing Services

There are many good reasons to choose an outsourced software testing service. At Testing4Success.com, we know these reasons inside-out which is why our services; from web testing and desktop application testing through to mobile app testing are so successful. Many companies may not have the necessary personnel or skill-sets to adequately perform software testing. In […]

Software Testing with Real or Virtual Machines?

An ongoing debate in the field of software testing is whether or not to rely on test results gathered from testing on virtual machines (VM’s). In the last ten years or so, virtual machines have revolutionized the way software testers work. Before, the virtual machine revolution, testers would often spend their day in front of […]